January 2019

Hello there guys! It has been a while. I stopped blogging for an entire year and tried out Instagram to share about my life and stuff. The dynamics of blogging and Instagramming are entirely different. Blogging feels reflective as more time and effort are involved. In contrast, Instagramming feels more about recording of the daily happenings. I like both. I miss the ‘writing'(actually more of typing down) my thoughts and re-reading them at another point in my life, with emotions ranging from bewilderment and nostalgia.

Oh… my new blog name is May Lee Homes! Is there any surprises there? I have been through several blogs over the years. Truly in Love had a good run but I thought since I am entering a new phase in my life as a mid thirty-something working mother, a new blog address would be nice. Unlike my old blog, I will try my best to share lesser on the little ones. The little ones are not so little anymore and I think it would be ideal for them to create their own digital footprints So, I imagine this is not much of a Mummy/Parenting blog but more of a diary of a middle aged woman’s ramblings on her attempts to balance love, life, kids. Blogging has always been therapeutic and allows me some sort of needed clarity in my life. Perhaps this will be a good avenue for it.

2019 feels scary. Every year feels terrifying to me. It is the big unknown for so many things. Instead of letting fear rule my life, I will just plow through everyday with a plan. But I believe with God, everything is possible. I will pray. Happy 2019 to all of you. I wish you wisdom in everything you do and may the odds ever be in your favour. x