January 2019

There is this trending topic/post in the January 2019- the #10yearchallenge.

June 2008 versus December 2018

It is funny how in the January of 2009, I was a teacher, in a fairly new relationship with E. We were dating , learning salsa and spending most of our weekends doing fun activities with mutual friends. I was also conscious of my weight but was more into dieting, so lots of small portions.

January 2019– I am married to E for 9 years come June. I have 3 not so little(but awesome) ones. I am in my official second career as a realtor. For the past 9 years, E and I have been through quite significant changes in terms of housing and location of stay. We bought, sold, rented as tenants and as landlords before. In E’s words, ‘It is not so much the length of the relationship but the mileage of it.’ Our weekends are work(for me) and E ensuring the kids go off for their activities.

I am still conscious of my weight(I stand at 52kg now. Sighh… Weighing machines and me are like arch enemies,) but instead of dieting, I try to exercise in order to fit into my clothes.

So on the surface, many things changed- my relationship status, the number of children, my job, my house and so on so forth. But, delving deeper, I do find my personality changed too. As much as youth is a precious commodity, I enjoy being in my mid 30s. It is nice and stable. (I am not one for the heights of ecstasy or depths of depression.) I like constant and balance. So far, being in my 30s or rather as the years go, I feel better and stronger of my being.

10 years ago, I always wondered what was going to happen and if I was ever going to be ‘happy’. I was nervous, self-doubting and always wanted social acceptance. On hindsight, I do think all these feelings were because I did not feel anchored. With E and the kids, my personal/family goals are more defined and this clarity was what I needed. What I like about E is that he is a superb motivator. Trust me, if you are feeling negative or horrible about yourself, you should speak to E. He is just the ever optimist and is able to see good in almost everyone. When I have terrible days and I feel bad, he is able to see beyond the ‘calamity’ and tell me what I did well and how to move forward from that point.

So dear me in 2029, I hope you like being in your mid 40s, embracing the greys on your head, enjoying time better with loved ones, and are more Christ-centered in life.

As usual, may the odds be ever in your favour. Cheers to 2029! x