February 2019

February 2019

Hello All! Happy Year of the Pig, y’all!

I was meant to write on Monday but it was the Chinese New Year Eve and everything have been whirlwind ever since. Pineapple tarts, bak kwa, steamboat, cakes and packet drinks. Repeat the cycle twice or thrice in a day. Wow! I always have mixed feelings about huge gatherings over the festive seasons. Honestly, I am okay with all the get togethers. But the intensity is another thing. Lol. Anyways, it is nice to see how the children enjoy their off days from school.


The plan for this blog post was to write about my love for furniture vis-a-vis getting carpentry works done for my homes. I have moved 7 times and I belong to the group of people who enjoy such normadic lifestyles. Throughout my job and life, I do observe there are people on the other end of the spectrum who like staying in a place for at least 10 years or more. Different. Similarly, I know of people who likes getting all sorts extensive carpentry works done in their homes- from the made to measure bed frames, to sofa, to shelves and whatnots.

For my homes, I like to have as minimal carpentry works done as possible, which pretty much means stuff done in the kitchen and toilets only. (Unfortunately, I don’t have any one to recommend for ID works. The two that we have engaged before have left much to be desired.) The rest of the shelvings, tables, cabinets, bed frames would then be bought from various furniture shops. I like to have this small little backstory of how E and I got to a decision of getting this item together and where did we eventually find it. E and I have many of such memories and some of them can be quite hilarious. Legit.


Here’s some back story for our Home Number 7
Most of our furniture were from Ikea, Commune and Celini. There are some who feel Ikea is of poorer make compared to carpentry works. But the quantum is so low that if you ever get tired of the look of it, there is always the option to sell it away(on Carousell, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist) and get something else. E and I have successfully sold many of our old furniture/items through these portals.

The little ones helping E to fix up all our Ikea furniture.

This is our favourite part of our house- the wall and our Samsung Frame TV. E and I had a long debate of how our TV console should be like and the budget that we were okay to spend on it. Definitely loving these Kallax shelvings from Ikea- functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Not much changes to the kitchen as well. I kept the old cupboards and get the ID firm to give the doors a nice varnish. The doors of the cupboards were made of solid woods and I thought it was a pity to replace them with the modern looking doors that were made of chipboard. So we basically changed the splashback to subway tiles and the surface of the kitchen top to granite.

Before and After- Kitchen

We used the old wardrobes installed in the master bedroom. Just like the kitchen, we gave the doors a nice lick of varnish and they do look a wee bit smarter. My dresser, mirror and cabinets were from Commune, a local furniture brand. They carry a number of beautifully designed and carefully crafted pieces. Choices were aplenty if you were into the dark, wooden theme. No carpentry works done in the children’s bedroom. We only bought very simple white Ikea furniture. I suppose the colours of their toys and books would make the place just as vibrant.

We are on our 2nd year living in this place. Of course, it has gotten a whole lot messier with time. There are still some bits of changes here and there. Just last month, we revamped our entry way with shoe cabinets from Ikea and this is how it looks like-

As you can see, I am very much a pro-furniture sort of person. I don’t think there is one fixed method for anyone. But buying and selling furniture gives me some sort of flexibility in how I envision my home from time to time. One of my friend managed to buy a lovely set of lights from Grafunkt from Carousell. It is one of those ‘wow’ statement pieces in her house and something that caught my eye real quickly. That being said, I have seen some good carpentry works done in my clients’ house. Despite the years, the the fixtures and fittings still looks in mint condition. (Hmm… I wonder about the pricing as well. Lol.)

How is it like for you when you plan for your home ID then?


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