February 2019

I thought it will be a good idea to have a monthly gratitude post as it will remind me of all the goodness, kindness, beauty of God and of life. Given my cynical nature, I find it easy to dwell in bad moments/experiences and to just grumble. As most of us know, such emotions are just unhealthy for ourselves as well as our relationships. One way of how I take time to recollect and give thanks is through taking photos and looking back at them. Whilst not everyday is the way I want it to be, I am grateful that God provides me with all that I need daily. My loving family, good food and a beautiful shelter.

In the month of January, I am thankful for:

1) Ryan’s interest in learning Chinese

For starters, it is not improving exponentially but at least, there is lesser resistance. His Chinese teacher this year seem to be much more tolerant of him and have been encouraging him through positive words. Hence, he seem to be okay in getting his tingxie sorted and there are much lesser tears involved when we are tackling his school homework.

Jia you Ryan! Don’t think you will be reading this post but one day, if you ever do, my heart is always rooting for you even when my words don’t seem to be. lol.

2) Health
I am thankful that the children recovered from their cough and that once again, Megan’s skin is on the mend. Health is something that we so easily overlook but it is a blessing to be able to do daily activities without much struggle. For example, now that Megan’s skin is on the mend, she rarely bleeds when she scratches and would be able to concentrate better on her tasks.

3) Work- being able to move one of my resale landed listings and assist a buyer in her purchase of a resale home

I am still in my first year of property and it has been truly interesting because of the people I meet and the houses I see. I think the relationships established over that period of time is special to me. Once strangers but when I become a marketing realtor for their homes, it is almost inevitable that we meet on a frequent basis. It is only then you find out more about their lives and who they are. Over time, you do grow fond of them and enjoy conversations with them. One of my clients even gave my children red packets. That is so sweet of him and I feel incredibly appreciated by him and his family.

Another of my clients also have inspired me to run a bit longer every morning. She, herself is also a lark and easily runs 7km on her cardio days. Ever since getting to know her, I feel inspired to run a wee bit longer on weekdays as well. It has been quite positive actually.


Hope your Januarys have been well and may you always feel that you have ‘enough’.