December 2018

When E told me that he booked a holiday package at Club Med Sahoro, I was like, ‘No… ski holidays are too expensive! And shopping for the ski clothes and equipment feels like a huge job already. And why am I spending money to put my kids in a club away from me? Shouldn’t a holiday means family bonding time?’

We did spend a couple of November weekend afternoons just to check out and purchase the items at Decathlon. It was so crowded and competitive shopping in the ski/snowboarding aisle. Felt like half of Singapore population were travelling off to do some sport in the snowy regions. *cue anxiety about packing*

The mess in the living room, along with prep for ski holiday.


I am not sure about others but wow! E and I were blown away by how awesome Club Med Sahoro was. Service was impeccable and the hosts were warm and welcoming. For once ever, I felt recharged during a holiday with the kids. Like I am not spending half the time, mothering everyone, feeling high strung and mentally exhausted. Erhm…maybe it is just because for all our previous holidays, they sort of involved a semi-drama. Not even kidding- along the lines of missing passports, lost luggage, almost missing transport, a ‘semi-ghostly’ encounter… Incredibly stressful. I mean, looking back, we do get lots of laughs about it but not when it was happening. Like. No.

First day at Club Med- the kids were whisked off to their Mini Clubs. Because there was not enough snow to start our snowboarding classes, E and I just lounged around the resort, went for a snow hike, dipped in the Canadian bath, drank some more at the bar….ya’know. Just idling around. I almost felt like it was a mini honeymoon for us, since we mostly hung out and took photos of each other or together. Lol.

The first day was like,

‘OMG Eugene! I realise that I have much nothing to say to you when the kids are not around.’

‘What are we going to do now? What do you think the kids are doing? Do you think we are bad parents? Why are we neglecting them? Do you think Megan is crying?’

‘I am bored. Okayyy…let’s do the snow hiking thing together. Okay…let’s go for the Canadian bath. Let’s play table tennis.’

The thing is, it is not that bad to have some couple time with E during the trip when you know the kids are at some super children’s club, being taken care by very enthusiastic carers(who look like they like kids). Helps when there is an open bar. Haha. Anyone’s mood would be improved with some drinks.

The kids presumably had fun with their peers and being well-taken care of by their carers. Mainly, we met up for breakfasts, dinners, post dinner shows. They eat their lunch with the friends in a dedicated area at the restaurant.

Hello there!
The first hour after the kids left for the clubs.
Soaking in the hot tub in the cold- Daebak!
Peace and quiet over lunch.
Doing stuff together.
Having a tea break with the little ones.
Another round of evening drinks with the kids.
Macarons! I must have eaten like 8-9 of them every time they have it for dinner.
Oh Megan!

Food wise, everything is decent. The kids enjoyed the food- basic tomato pasta, soft serve which were served daily kept all three sated. The restaurant does make an effort to jazz it up a little for dinner daily with Waygu beef, Taraba crabs and all. Nobody is counting calories here.


In between our Club Med trip, we decided to take a short 2 day trip to Sapporo because there was not enough snow to start any lessons. On hindsight, that was a wise decision as we managed to get a family photography done wearing kimonos, visit a Shiroi Koibito Park, checked out a Pokemon store, ate at the Sapporo Ramen Yokocho. All these posts will be for another day tho’.


The snowboarding classes at Club Med were superb, like the instructors we had were professional. This is important as we were introduced to the activity in an enjoyable and safe manner. I heard of a number of negative reviews of snow sports activities and sometimes I almost feel the instructors/environment would make/break the experience. Our classmates whom we had for our lessons were mostly Singaporeans and just as friendly. I am absolutely thankful because everything felt positive.

Starting our SB 1 together.
Ryan, prepping for his ski trip. Did not take any photos of them in class since we were busy with our class as well.
Lunch after morning class.
Gillian, enjoying some snacks and chocolate milk shake after her ski class.
SB 2
Celebrated E’s birthday. Thank you so much for being there in all our lives! Ilu!
And we brought all the little ones for a dip in the Canadian bath! So much laughter and screaming involved! Haha!

E and I managed to block out some time for snow play with the kids. It could have been longer though. Maybe the next time? Ryan loved the snowball fights with E. Megan liked being pulled on the mini sleigh.

I believe the kids had a ball of time at Club Med as well as they are begging to revisit the place. I wouldn’t mind a second time as well. What do you say, Mister E?