Hello there! I am May Lee, and being involved in properties is one of my passions in my life. 

For the past 8 years, I have moved 7 times, covering: 

  • a first-time private property purchase for a young couple 
  • a property divestment and upgrade for a new family 
  • a rental arrangement during an overseas relocation 
  • two private property rentals and a purchase in London 
  • lastly, a sale and purchase of a Singapore home while in London 

Having gone through multiple property upgrade cycles myself, I am acutely aware of how properties can be a good source of wealth accumulation and leverage and how each life stage have their unique needs and requires their own approach. Having held positions both as a tenant and a landlord before, this gave me many insights to managing expectations from both ends. 

With each property venture and move, I gained a deeper experience and knowledge on a buyer or seller mentality and their timeline sensitivities. All these have lead me to believe that being a realtor is my calling. 

I am a hard worker and would listen to your needs to push for your best interest and put you in a superior position. Call me at 9118 7771 should you be interested in exploring any property decisions and I would be glad to be at your service.